Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was the 58th annual Eurovision Song Contest. The winner for 2013 was Denmark with the song "Only Teardrops" sung by Emmelie de Forest, which finished first with 281 points, beating Azerbaijan with a margin of 47 points.

The contest took place in Malmö, Sweden, following Loreen's win in the 2012 contest with the song "Euphoria". This was the fifth time that Sweden had hosted the contest, the last time being in 2000. Sveriges Television (SVT) chose Malmö Arena as the venue following the consideration of several venues within Sweden. The host for the contest was Petra Mede. Thirty-nine countries participated, including Armenia, who was last represented in 2011. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Slovakia and Turkey announced their withdrawal from the 2013 Contest. The design of the contest was built around the theme "We are one" – highlighting equality and unity of all the participating countries alongside the cultural diversity and influence of each participant.

Denmark participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Sweden. The Danish entry was selected through the national final Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013, organised by the Danmarks Radio (DR). Emmelie de Forest represented Denmark with the song "Only Teardrops", which qualified from the first semi-final of the competition and won the contest, placing 1st in the final with 281 points.


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