Jolie to Remove Ovaries After Double Mastectomy

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Transcript for Jolie to Remove Ovaries After Double Mastectomy

angelina jolie's decision to have that double mastectomy. Dramatically decreasing her risk of breast cancer and now more surgery is ahead for her. Of course, she was inspired by her mother.
Her mother was only 56 when she died of ovarian cancer, that was a major factor in angelina's decision. It was a surprise an intended to raise awareness and save lives. The timing, just two days after mother's day, perhaps a valentine to the woman jolie once called grace incarnate.
After divorcing actor jon voight in 1978 marcia leiber tra transraised angelina and her brother james alone. Jolie described their loving bond in a 2011 profile in "vanity fair. " My mother and brother and I were closer because there wasn't another parent.
We sat up in bed at night watching tv. By the time I was older my mother was like my sister. They remained remarkably close until bertrand's death at age 56 after a ten-year battle with cancer.
Jolie had become a mom herself just five years earlier. SHE TOLD cynthia McFadden her mom taught her the meaning of motherhood. She was completely full of love and kindness and it's the legacy she left.

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